3 Remedies for Giving Best Soul Care

Soul care is about giving the best look after. Pain, hurt, difficulties, problems and emotional imbalance of moods commonly occur in life. At times, losing someone beloved as they are off this world, tumbles down your mind so much.  Poverty, lack of finances, unemployment and health issues are also a great concern in this world.

Amidst, God is in control. He understands you and your needs. Waiting on God is more beautiful as His mercies endure forever.

Caring and giving someone with their needs and transforming their hearts towards God are some of the best characteristics of soul.  It is never a difficult walk with God, if you trust in His commandments, doctrines and laws. You may feel like, things are getting delayed, you are worried and there's no answer from God.

Remember, you may get late in the preparation of meals, driving to work, shopping for groceries or attending to relatives, but God is never at a mistake. His plans and works are much more above and beyond our comprehe…

Be My God forever

Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord..

Here am I.. wash me.. heal me..

Make me acceptable in Thy sight..

Coz.. I choose no other..

No other.. No other..

No other.. No other

Lord. stay by my side..

Watch over my works

Guard my heart and mind

Coz.. I choose no other..

No other.. No other..

No other.. No other..

If I fall apart..

Your hand lifts me..

Great is thy Love for me..

I praise you and surrender my heart

coz.. No other..

No.. other.. No.. other..

How to pray every day and why


God Helps To Trust in Him Every Day

Day by day, there is some opportunity for us to get connected to God The Manna. But we are very busy taking care of our works. Even if you have been regularly praying and reading His holy word, at times you realize that God is very silent when you pray. You wish that God answers your prayers soon and you enjoy the miracles. But why is that God is so slow in His blessing. There could be several reasons and some of them could be:

1. Trust and abide in Him More and More

We often declare ourselves as more pious and faithful, but our surrender may not be pure as God examines our hearts, thoughts, actions and conversations. God The Mann a is a faithful God and he wants us to abide in Him not just one day, but every day.

2. Give Him your heartfelt Lordship

God The Manna is a giver. He will bless you abundantly and all that he is looking for is your clean and pure heart. He wants you to surrender your works to him and Lord when he was living in this world, several occasions, he said, "I …

How God's Servants are a Great Blessing in our lives

God's word says that there is time for everything. It tells us what to do, when to do, when not to do and how our activities contribute to our success in life. But just think about having an angel beside you to guide you and bring many more good things in your life. Such God's angels are working through God's servants who devote, dedicate and serve God The Manna.

A popular chorus says "Is anything too hard for my Lord, No nothing is too hard for my Lord".

To build, grow and renew our faith, there are two important rules to follow and that is, first to pray and read God's word and second the keep a constant communication and fellowship with God's servants.

They will help and guide to keep our lives successful and fruitful.  Because, God's servants are always working in His vineyard and they know the hard labor and secret of God's blessings.

What you can do and contribute to the kingdom of God is all about your cherished experience with the Lord Al…

God's Ever Shining Glory and Light Upon His Children

When we come to God's presence, we not only worship Him, but we put forth all our prayer requests and needs. But He has already taken note of our plans. His will is mighty and wonderful and we will surely be blessed as we humbly praise and worship Him.

Residing in His Temple, God is Light and in Him, there is no darkness at all. This world full of trials, may not recognize His glorifying presence. But those who trust and lay all burdens will certainly experience God's mighty works.

Living in darkness, we can never realize God's mercy, grace and kindness. But when we read God's Holy word and lift all our prayer requests, He will listen and help us all times.

Not knowing God's goodness can reflect in living in darkness, because God The Manna is full of Light and His glory can wash all our sins. When we are cleansed, we come to him humbly and we receive His salvation.

God The Manna is silent residing in His Temple waiting to bless His children. Lord God created us in…

Be of Good Cheer - God The Manna is Ready to Bless you

It was a great joy to meet missionaries and Madam Burnigham at the church and the recreation activities were simply awesome.

For me, getting  to know about the Book of Mormon and understanding about its close relevance with the Holy Bible was a new experience. Attending church service on 20th September, 2015 was yet another addition to my learning.

Church is a sacred place where God is present and it  is a place of worship. The good practice of Sabbath day will empower the hearts of God's children and helps a lot in the improvement of life and in the journey of faith.

Lord Jesus Left His Peace Behind for us

When Lord Jesus was in this world, he said I came to heal the sick and not healthy. The Lord healed many and was a source of great comfort. Before he ascended into heaven, he assured his disciples about His peace being left behind and the Holy Ghost as our comforter. After thousands of years, we read His word and meditate. Why? Because our Lord knew the future of mankind.

He f…